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My Fitness Journey - Mapped Out

90 Days of Body Transformation

Starts today

12 Weeks to Transform the way you live!

My fitness journey across 3 months. 90 Days!

Month 1

Days 1 - 30

Month 2

Days 31 - 60

Month 3

Days 61 - 90
For the past 40 years, I have been a Type 1 diabetic, fitness has drifted in and out of favor, but recently I decided that I wanted to live longer and spend more time with my kid, capable of playing with them as we both get a little older. This is my journey from flabby and fat, to fit.

My logic

Body For Life

Intensity + Diet


Diet + Body Weight Stuff

Wim Hof Method

Frame of Mind + Cold Stuff

Mastering Diabetes

Diet - ish
I am a festively plump individual with about 20kg's of mass to shed. My diet is 'OK' most of the time.
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