Paradigm Pro Elite 33mm Reviewed on 07/10/2022

Competition Kettlebell
Min Weight: 6kg
Max Weight: 48kg

Paradigm Pro® Elite 33mm Handle Precision Competition Kettlebell

Made under strict ISO 9001 standards, which means they're made using possibly the most advanced metal casting manufacturing processes available on the market today. Each kettlebell is individually weighed to remain within extremely accurate weight tollerances. A single cast steel is used for the majority of kettlebell weights, however a single aluminium allooy cast is used for the 6kg mass - to retain wall thickness and robustness. Cast using leading edge gravity die cast tech­nology - no seam lines, casting burr or welds, a weldless base eliminates weak points often found in cheaper brands. Each kettlebell is produced to the highest standards in the industry. Hollow core technology means no rattling as there are no additional plates or balls to create the desired mass. 33 mm handles are used with or without chalks (also available in 35mm). Coated with a proprietary finish. A better handle design for high rep squats and maintaining a comfortable rack position

Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Competition Kettlebell

Kettlebells USA does not pay influencers, YouTube stars, Instagrammers, Tik-Tokers, or anyone else to promote products. In fact, Kettlebells USA has never bought likes or paid for reviews. We discuss their products specifically for this reason.

The original and finest competition kettlebell!

We were excited about trying this new product line and wanted to make sure everyone knew about it! Our goal here is to to show off the benefits of these kettlebells to those of us with smaller hands. A kettlebell with a slightly smaller handle, how they feel in your hands, and what kind of workout they would be great for.

Unique Kettlebell Design and Production Process, bespoke coating.

Our unique design places more of the load at the upper part of the kettlebell where the handle meets the bell rather than at the bottom. The resulting product is the most well-balanced competition kettlebell on the planet. Its window opens so easily that it allows for quick and easy hands-on insertion. It’s not too large or small like other kettlebell designs on the planet.
Kettlebells USA 6kg Kettlebell

Industry Standard Competition Style Kettlebell

kettlebells USA packaging Example

Industry Standard Competition Style Kettlebell

The competition kettlebell dimensions remain the same regardless of weight, so you don't need to change your technique when you increase or decrease your weight or when training for any kettlebell sport.

Traditional 35mm vs New 33mm Kettlebell Handle: Do weights matter Which One Should You Get?

Steel kettlebells are the only type of kettlebell which can be purchased with a 33mm or 35mm handle, regardless of weights on offer. Cast iron kettlebells have inconsistent handle diameters that alter depending on the weight purchased. They are not permitted for competitive use due of this, although most manufacturers will provide a uniform kettlebell dimension regardless of weight. If you really want to save money while still getting kettlebells with consistent dimensions regardless of weight, a fitness version of a 33mm handle is your best option. The tick most of the competition style kettlebell boxes

Can I do all the normal movements with a competition kettlebell?

Yes, all the same movements that can be done with a cast iron kettlebell can with a competition kettlebell. The main difference is the way in which the kettlebell is balanced (Kettlebells USA for instance have more of the mass closer to the handle of the bell, this is considered to be the most effective weighting of a kettlebell. They offer handles in 2 dimensions, 33mm (as this one is) which allows for longer workouts as it isn't as tough on the fingers, so you gain an additional muscle work out. Or, 35mm, which will tire your fingers out, but results in a stronger grip.
Overall Review:
This is a great Kettlebell company to start getting kettlebells from, We ordered some Competition kettlebells from Australia that are meant to be 'on par' and I was surprised by the clean finnish that all of these kettlebells have. I would go as far as to say that these are up there with much more expensive kettlebells and deliver more than the average home gym requirements demand. These are good enough for a fitness center - with daily heavy use and you will still be fine.

Amazing piece of equipment for a great price with incredible quality construction.

There is absolutely nothing negative we can say about these kettlebells, if we had to choose between these and Kettlebell Kings in a blindfold competition we would have no idea. These are fantastic

Paradigm Pro® Elite 33mm Handle Precision Competition Kettlebell

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