Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Competition Kettlebell Review Reviewed on 03/10/2022

Competition Kettlebell
shell is made of steel and weights are made of iron
Min Weight: 12kg
Max Weight: 32kg

KK Steel Competition Style Adjustable Kettlebells

With the exception of 13 kilos and 31 kgs, this adjustable kettlebell keeps the workout exciting. It is flexible to your needs and allows you to increase the weight in your kettlebell from 12 to 32 kilogrammes. Your Adjustable kettlebell is built to last a lifetime with a steel exterior shell and weights made of iron, which is something that Kettlebell Kings are known for. You pay a little bit more for a kettlebell from the King, but it is built to last. People weren't interested in an adjustable kettlebell when these first appeared on the market until they paid $600 or $700 for 4 or 6 competition kettlebells (if they got them cheaply). This is awesome news for your wallet and your house, saving you money and space at the same time. Although they are simple to adjust they do require tools (which are included), if you are short on time, Kettlebell Kings also offer a less 'pretty' but tool-free adjustable kettlebell. Inside your order are all the necessary tools for weight adjustment. In less than a minute, you'll be able to change the weight of your kettlebell - we haven't tried to time it, because we have most of the others in the weight we use, this one comes in when we need 2 standard kettlebells (standard traditional competition kettlebells). But it isnt hard, its an easy and flexible addition to an existing kettlebell stack - or, if you are just starting and you want 1 of each, then this is 1 of each kettlebell you could possible want.


This single kettle bell provides the same benefits as a full set of kettle bells, without the expense. Purchase this kettle bell and you'll never have to purchase another kettle bell again. This kettle bell allows you to train with any weight between 12 and 32 kg (26 and 70 lbs) in just one kilo increments. This steel kettlebell has a 12kg shell made of steel, and 7 metal rings weigh 2, 2, 2,3, 3, 4 and 4kg inside. The rings are screwed into place (as shown in the images) and secure with a bolt so that they do not move during exercise. Rings can be added or removed to change the weights for specific workouts. When the ring system is fully assembled it weighs 32kg. A quick note about powder coating kettlebells. Painted  kettlebells are not designed to be quite as durable as powder coat kettlebells - they just aren't. It is possible that the handle of a cast iron may get worn smooth over time. and with painted bells the paint may wear away around the midline where the two halves come together. This will not effect your ability to lift and is purely cosmetic.

Fully Customizable Standard Kettlebell 

If you already own a KettleBell Kings Competition kettle bell, then this can act as a replacement for your competition kettle bell. They're designed to be the same shape and size, so this can replace any of your competition kettle bells. buuuuut, weight means nothing, you can go balistic, 12-32kgs, it changes your life. NO MORE EXCUSES!. I recon this one bit of kit could do everything you cold possibly need to do.

12kg -> 32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

Comes with a standard 35mm kettlebell handle, not the thinner one found on some steel competition style kettlebells. If you've ever tried using kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings, then you know that they have the exact same windows and handles as their competition kettlebells. This one is super because it adjusts to weights from 12 to 32 kgs in 1 kilogram increments (except for 13 or 31 kgs) we will explain why lower in the review. The shell is 12 kg of metal and weighs approximately 40 pounds (same same, metric vs imperial). Kettlebell Kings offers free shipping which usually costs between $40-$50 from other online retailers. This one kettle bell is like getting an entire traditional kettlebell set from 12 to 32 pounds in one kilo increment! Purchasing this many kettle bells would normally cost nearly $1000! You will never have too purchase another kettle bell with this range! (unless you want two!) This one kettle bell solves the problem for lifters who wish to increase in one pound increment. This kettle bell can weight 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 or 32 kilograms based upon your needs. This kettlebell has 7 adjustable cast iron plates. They are locked into place with a central screw and secured with an Allen key. The entire kettlebell pack also includes all the tools to make changing the weight easy. This kettle bell has a 35mm handle length. All parts included with the package allow you to change the weight quickly and easily. Don't worry about which weight is right for you. If you're relatively new to kettlebell training, this is the best kettlebell for you. With its adjustable weighted plates, you can easily perform high rep (or low rep) workout routines of the same exercise by simply changing the number of weighted plates inside the bell. Kettlebell Sport is an exciting new fitness trend that combines strength training with cardio exercise. You can start kettlebell workouts by doing just one kettlebell exercise per day, and then gradually add exercises until you're ready to compete!

When To Get An Adjustable Competition Kettlebell.

When To Get An Adjustable Competition Kettlebell.

A small kettlebell is ideal for people who want to train at home but don't need a large range of weights. We've been using kettlebells for years, but we decided to upgrade to a new Kettlebell Kings adjustable bell and when combining it with an existing kettlebell you effectively have 2 of each kettlebell. So we can do double kettlebell swings. If you're interested in having multiple weights of kettlebell at once, then the adjustable kettlebell is the best choice for you. It's compact enough to fit into any room but large enough to hold several different weights. Costing just under USD $250, the adjustable kettlebell is an affordable way to add strength training into your fitness routine. Without needing an entire gym.

Adjustability and Versatility

The adjustable kettle bell is the most affordable and Versatile option if you're wanting to have kettlebells in multiple weights, it is perfect if you're searching for an easy way to cover all your weight needs for a home gym. I found heaps of reviews (I actually mentioned somebody for this evaluation) who say that the restricted weight does not help them for upper body (kinda makes me think 1 person said it and then everyone copied them, or they want to sell more - you dont need more if you are a single kettlebell kinda person) visit a health club / gym etc. and do some swings with a 16kg, 20kg and a 24kg (which is the standard dude pack). This bad boy/girl can get up to 32kg. If you are Thor then sure, its not heavy enough, but if not you'll never ever reach 32kg. Even RKCs recommend 28kg for a "strong man" - and they are Russian!

Do I need a competition-style kettlebell?

For competition kettlebell exercises, there's one set of rules for every type of bell. However, when using standard kettlebell exercises, you're free to use any size bell you want. Should you choose a competitive-style adjustable kettle bell? It depends on how much experience you have. If you're an experienced athlete who wants to train like you're competing, then a competitive-style kettle bell might be right for you. However, if you're just looking for an easy-to-use kettle bell to help you get fit, then standard adjustable kettle bells may be better suited for you. Standard adjustable kettle bells offer a little more gripping space than competitive-style, so if double-handing is part of your workout routine, this is another thing to consider.


With its durable stainless-stainless construction and cast-iron weight plates, your adjustable kettlebell is built to last for years.

KK Steel Competition Style Adjustable Kettlebells

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