kettlebell kings competition kettlebells review Reviewed on 18/09/2022

Competition Kettlebell
Stainless Steel
Min Weight: 8kg
Max Weight: 48kg

Kettlebell Kings Steel Competition Style Kettlebells

I've always been a big fan of old style kettlebells (Russian) and I thought it was going to be very difficult to get into the competitive kettlebell cult until I found Kettlebell Kings.

I'm glad I did, because they have amazingly cool products that are perfect - both old school hard core iron warrior Russian Kettlebells and these fancy slick glam rock heavy metal ones - perfect for all my kettlebell needs (dreams).

For about a year now, I've owned a 16-kg competition kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings, and a powder coated Russian style kettlebell from NC Fitness (Australian). I never used the Competition style Kettlebell Kings in my home gym because of how the smooth bare metal handle is, and I believed that it wouldn't be easy to hold without a lot of chalk. Now, this isn’t a criticism of the bell, this it turns out was because I suck at swinging kettlebells, and was gripping the handle rather than making a ‘hook’ which seems to be the best practice.

I am in 2 minds, I come from a chin-up world where grip strength is increased by grabbing a bigger bar, and find that I prefer handles that are a little bit thinner than the standard competition 35mm diameter because it makes it easier for me to keep my grip for longer periods of time - thinner grip means more swings.

Recently however I got one of their new 33mm bells and it is awesome. (you can get these in 33mm and 35mm depending on - well, what you like to use your kettlebell for) I’m just going to say this early on in the review, no these are not the cheapest kettlebells, but YES - they are the best kettlebells I have ever used.

A brand-new handle design and updated line of competition kettlebells are on the market from Kettlebell Kings - not only bells, but they also have these Thor Hammers - which are awesome (haven’t convinced my wife that they are a necessary - but time will tell (probably that they are a dream)).

What to expect in the mail if you order one or more of these - probably the best kettlebells I have ever tried?

The new product line follows the same shipping process that has to be expected from Kettlebell Kings:

The kettlebells are double or triple boxed in a form-fitting Styrofoam mold that keeps the kettlebell from destroying the other thing in the mail. We have received kettlebells from other providers where sure the kettlebell has been 'OK-ish possibly paint scratched off' but any medical equipment in that truck is now ‘powdered medical equipment’ - Kettlebell Kings seem to understand that we love getting something that isn’t all scratched up, and the mail service likes not having top pay insurance out.

This makes them safe both ‘to’ and ‘for’ all but the most careless of delivery people.

First Impressions of possibly the best traditional kettlebells ever made?

The shape of the handle horns is the most obvious visual distinction between the cast iron bell and these  33mm or 35mm traditional competition kettlebell. The 33mm handle design has more cone-shaped horn, while the 35mm design has straight horns on the handle, this makes sense if you think about it, the handle is narrower than its connection point to the kettlebell, this creates a cone - a good cone.

When I put my hand around the handle, the other significant difference becomes immediately apparent even though it is not immediately visible. The new kettlebell design has a handle that is 33 mm wide by 35 mm tall, with a pitted steel finish, this does 2 things, it makes the kettlebell easier to hold, because the window is ever so slightly larger which is great for kettlebell sports like CrossFit. Although a 2mm width difference might not seem like much - really 1mm is shaved off either side, but it actually makes a massive difference to how comfortable the grip is when performing kettlebell exercises.

I like the way they feel - but each to their own. Results may vary, but I'd wager that the majority of people who try the 33mm will like it more - at least from a comfort perspective when working through their kettlebell workout.

The handles of Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebells are covered in a very thin layer of clear coat before being shipped to prevent rust - I wouldn't say this is a bad thing though. In all honesty, rust has never been a problem, and we spray and wipe them down after every sweaty workout (ish), the kettlebell handle will be less likely to rust; however, if you don't use chalk and you like to hold on then your grip retention may take a bit of a hit. If GRIP is an issue for you, I would spend some time researching that ‘mindfulness contemplation’ logic - don’t grip tightly, grip loosely.

If you use these every day, and clang them around, then sure you might lose some paint, but the usability will not take that same hit, they are all steel and I doubt you will outlive these kettlebells. But as with all steel things, bare steel can rust if you don’t keep it dry, So - keep them dry. This isn’t a Kettlebell kings issue, this is a ‘all steel things issue’

kettlebell kings review

Not part of this review is their new Cerakote coating option.

Not part of this review is their new Cerakote coating option.

Kettlebell Kings started offering this option in 2017 - it’s a super thing ceramic coating that can look pretty cool (camo etc.) and it makes for a very custom smooth finish on a set of competition bells. It is a very very customizable super thing ceramic coating, they make in a bunch of flavors.

Pros of Kettlebell Kings Competition style Kettlebells

They are a great kettlebell, I mean, I wouldn’t recommend getting them if I didn’t like them, there are other companies that will pay more for a customer, but their bells aren’t this good. The handles on the 33mm are similar to the powder coated ones in that they have a non brushed steel texture - or at least the ones I use do. I prefer this, I personally don’t grip the handles, but that is one of those things I really like about cast iron kettlebells. Offset weight with kettlebells are what make them so great, these are a pleasure to swing, not to mention they are compliant with all the major competitions and clubs. I have received 'shitter' kettlebells from China where ball bearings were set in what looked like cork (painted black) to make up the weight difference - when the cork or compacted sawdust cracked the ball bearings fell out. I was not impressed - these however are a single piece of steel. One massive solid piece of steel molded into a beautiful unfilled competition kettlebell. You can level up to Thor hammers - which I think look awesome.

The few Cons found in Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebells

No cheap, not for those wanting to save cash - but if you want kettlebells that your ‘significant other’ will allow into the house then you can’t go wrong. Kettlebell Kings make the best quality kettlebells for anyone wanting something that looks amazing and gets the job done - the structural integrity of these steel handle bells with a uniform size makes them our choice for anyone just starting with kettlebell swings or entering the kettlebell spot arena for the first time.
Overall Review:

Kettlebell Kings produce an excellent product in so many ways; we have not yet encountered a poorly made product from the Kings.

Their product line helps people with various body types and fitness levels. The fact is, you don't need us to convince you of this; they make incredible equipment that is designed to withstand abuse and still look great. We believe in the usefulness of their kettlebells and cannot wait to test out the Odin hammer (because it looks like you swing it like an axe).

We do believe that compared to the Dragon Door options, it may fall short for some - because their competition bells don't get as heavy as the RKC cast iron ones - but if you are ' thinking 'smarter not harder' then you will never run out of weight - the Kettlebell Kings MAX is way ahead of where I'll ever be, and I'm 6'2 and 250 pounds (ish - probably a little heavier).

Kettlebell Kings provides unquestionably excellent performance for the price. In addition, Kettlebell Kings' packaging annihilates the competition.

Click the link below to learn more and receive the best discount available on the product today.

Do Kettlebell Kings offer other products?

Yes - they offer a bunch of other things including:

  • Adjustable Kettlebells.
  • Thor Hammers.
  • Plate Hammers
  • Kettlebell Kings Steel Competition Style Kettlebells

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